I would like to acknowledge some student groups that we might take for granted. These are the students who are members of such organizations as the Symphonic Band, the University Chorus, the Concert Choir, and the Jazz Lab Band. Many university events, such as our convocations, receptions and commencement celebrations, benefit from these groups’ performances, but it is easy to overlook the work it takes. Their stellar performances are the result of hundreds of hours of practice. The students give of their time and talents, and we are the recipients of the fruits of their labor. In addition to these students, I also want to recognize the music department faculty who give their time to conduct practices, set up performances, and lead the students at those performances. They set the high standards the students are encouraged to reach—and often exceed. The next time you attend an event at Xavier that is enhanced by the performances of one of these student groups, take the time to acknowledge them and let them know your appreciate them and their talents.


Sister GraceMary Flickinger, SBS

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