As an accountant major here at Xavier University of Louisiana, I am always pushed by my teachers and faculty to set and achieve high goals. As an incoming freshman, I participated in the Summer Business Achievers Program, which set a solid foundation towards success.
Currently a junior, I have maintained that same push to success by attending the National Association of Black Accountants Southern Regional Conference for the second time. During my sophomore year I had the privilege of attending the conference and became aware of how influential the NABA organization truly was. In a matter of three days—Sept. 25-27, 2014—they were able to provide informational sessions, interviews for numerous students who had submitted their resumes and opportunities for students to have information that can allow them to stand out in the eyes of the person interviewing them. This included interview styles, secrets behind the question and answer portion, specific key words they look for on your resume’ depending on the agency and many more.
NABA is concerned with giving highly qualified members the ability to shine in aspects of their leadership and eagerness to learn. In attending the conference this year, I was able to receive a lot more interviews from companies due to the submission of my resume. I was able to learn more about the roles and the multiple job tasks each accountant would be required to complete in type of company. The NABA conference helped me to grow as an accounting major and also served as an encouragement to get my Masters in Accounting as well as to pass the Certified Public Accountant Exam.
NABA has a lot of benefits for all business majors; you first have to put in the work in order to see how positive it can be.

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