Pong, Gong, South Wind, Five of Dots, Dead Wall. These are all terms used in the game of Mahjong, a contest of memory, skill, and intense calculation. The game is a part of Chinese culture that has survived for centuries. The Chinese Mahjong Association is one of the newest organization at Xavier University. The Chinese Mahjong Association meets every Friday from 4:00 to 5:30 in NCF 130. The Association is inclusive and welcomes all visitors and potential members.

Chinese Mahjong Association president Kevin Lam said, “The main reason I started Mahjong club was to give people an outlet or platform to immerse themselves or learn about Chinese culture. It is inclusive because it’s open to anyone who regardless if they know anything of Chinese culture or the language.” The game features tiles with art including Chinese characters, and visual objects.

Lam recommends Mahjong to anyone who enjoys tabletop gaming, experiencing culture, or who simply wants to try something new. The rules are easy to learn and my first game was very enjoyable. Lam said,

“I’d like to say it’s a combination of poker and chess, specifically because it combines the random chancing of poker but forces players to account for all other players’ moves.

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