Childish Gambino “STN MTN / Kauai” Mixtape Review


Childish Gambino recently released his latest mix tape called STN MTN/ Kauai. The mixtape features 11 songs produced by various people. Gambino first track introduces us and reminds of his Atlanta background since that’s where he’s from. Gambino takes a huge leap from his common style of backpack rap to a more conscious and aware rap and mimicks the sounds of other artists. This mixtape is definitely different from other mixtapes considering he begins to put more of an emphasis on lyrical content.

You can still vibe to beats such “ Money Baby” originally by K Camp. There are a few “turn up” songs that you can put on at any party.  This mixtape refocuses Childish Gambino’s style. If you aren’t use to an artist switching up his usual flow, Gambino will prove to you why he’s worth the listen.

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