This Halloween, Xavier’s music department is creating a haunted house experience. The music majors are striving to outdo themselves in creating a haunted house different from the rest. Forget the cliché costume parties and overflow of horror movies that are happening this October, the Charlie Brown Halloween Special rerun every year, and even the “American Horror Story” series. Instead, tune in to “XU Horror Story.” “XU Horror Story” will start running on Wednesday, Oct. 29 to Friday, Oct. 31. Operation hours are from 7 to11 p.m. Admission will only cost $3 with a student ID, and $5 without a student ID. The theme and title of this year’s haunted house was inspired by the show and its innovative way of making storylines from season to season totally different from the preceding one, without changing the cast of the show. Dr. Marcus D. Ballard, an Assistant Professor of Music at Xavier, is this year’s event supervisor of the event. He feels that students and faculty, especially music majors, have put forth plenty of effort in making the haunted house as scary as possible while still having tons of fun in the process. “The idea is not to copy the TV show, but to use aspects of the series to create a truly scary experience,” Ballard said. Xavier’s music building is a three-story building facing Drexel Drive, located between the NCF Annex and the Administration Building. It has been around for decades, and just like the antebellum houses and buildings found throughout the city, there are some spooky things that occur when the moon rises and darkness engulfs the entire campus. For those not familiar with “American Horror Story”, the show is currently in its fourth season and is played on FX. The settings of the series are in frightening places such as a murder house, asylum, and covens.
“[Our haunted house] will be similar in that each of the three floors of the building will be a unique experience, each more terrifying and intense as the last,” Ballard said.

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