Beginning last summer, I have had the opportunity to work with the Supreme Court of Louisiana in its accounting services department. There I learned about the functions of accounting with the Supreme Court and the effect it has on other courts as well (the accounting department covers myriad courts within the state of Louisiana, including the Supreme Court). I am lucky to have had the opportunity to be involved in the accounting operations in what is one of the most respected intuitions in America. During my time at the Supreme Court, I have helped work on and manage financial analysis projects concerning banks and other vendors, check and track inventory of the Supreme Court and several other courts, order office supplies, and take part in grants and reimbursements for the courts and its employees. Some of these projects were small and some were long and tedious, but either way they all helped strengthen my skills. My supervisor and coworkers not only helped expand my knowledge and experience in the field of accounting, but they served as mentors for me. With what is the start of my accounting profession, I appreciate and value all that I have learned and will learn during the time I have at the Supreme Court. They have shown me so far what it would be like to work in governmental accounting compared to working at a normal public accounting firm. I will apply this experience to future jobs, whether public, private, or government.

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