Halloween is finally here! People are carving pumpkins, and distributing flyers for costume parties. If you don’t have a costume or any money to purchase a brand new costume, there are many costumes that can be made from things laying around your dorm or for under $10. Vampire: Dressing up as a vampire is an easy costume to put together. To do this you’ll need to wear some black slacks, a black or white button-down shirt, and some black shoes. Lastly, you’ll need a black cape, which you can make yourself out of black fabric. R&B Singer: Another costume option for men is to go as a 90’s R&B singer. Show off the style of the R&B singing groups by wearing a leather jacket or a suit vest—ode to Jodeci, and some black slacks. To top the costume off, you’ll need to add a small gold or silver chain, some aviator sunglasses, a du-rag or hat, some black boots or dress shoes. Cat: A leopard or cheetah is a great go-to costume for Halloween. You can pull out a long sleeved black shirt, some long black leggings or jeans, and some black or cheetah printed flats or heels. You will then need to either make a cat-ear hand band or purchase one from Party City for $6.99, or the kit with the tail included for $7.99. To complete this costume you can wear winged eyeliner and shade the tip of your nose black with whiskers extending out across your cheek. A Witch: To dress as a witch, you can pull out a black dress or black skirt and shirt from your closet and pair it with some black boots. You can wear some striped socks or tights with your boots to add to the costume. Then you can purchase a witch hat from Party City, for $5.99. The last thing you’ll need to top this costume off is a broom, which you can grab from your dorm on your way out for the night.

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