One part of college is learning how to handle people. Being individuals from different backgrounds, we all have different personalities and opinions, thankfully. The world would be boring otherwise! Being able to communicate with people whose opinions differ from your own is very beneficial. When dealing with anyone, it is important that you keep patience. This is definitely easier said than done but something you should practice since it is useful now and in your future. Taking time to listen to the other party helps the conversation stay open and keeps the other party from becoming defensive. If you know that a person is already argumentative, you might want to avoid the conversation all together. Remember that arguing is only a waste of time. Try your best to have a conversation and hear all parties involved. If it is clear that the other person definitely does not want to have a conversation, you might want to save yourself the heartache and agree to disagree. Most importantly, you want to make sure that you are staying calm and not getting too aggravated. When talking to people, you want to keep a level of respect so the conversation does not quickly turn into an argument. Remember all the small things as well, like tone of voice and nonverbal behaviors. College is a place where you meet all different types of people and personalities, so it is a great place to practice how to respectfully handle other people now and when you get into the workforce.

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