Debuting at number two on the U.S. Billboard 200, Chris Brown’s sixth studio album “X”, is the first since “Graffiti” in 2009 to not dominate the number one spot.

Although the album features notable artists like Trey Songz, Tyga, and Jhene Aiko, it was lacking lyrically. The album does not have a set theme and topics shift at random, from sex and relationship issues, to regret and companionship. Brown harps on the saddening pain that come with troubled relationships.

However, the sound production completely opposes the lyrics. The extremely upbeat, creative production was refreshing and created a sense of excitement, despite the depressing message.

The consecutive tracks“Lady in a Glass Dress,” “Autumn Leaves” featuring Kendrick Lamar, and “Do Better” featuring Brandy, shifted to a lower tempo that complimented Brown’s pessimistic lyrics. Ironically, the music did not peak in tempo, yet these three songs were the climax of the album.

All in all, the album was lackluster, but it had a few nice tracks. Brown used high-tempo production to disguise the confessional lyrics. I felt duped.

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