This summer, I had the opportunity to be an intern at Burton and Co., LLC, an accounting firm located in downtown New Orleans. I received this internship with the help and referral of professor Clifford Wright in the Division of Business. Another intern and I were welcomed into this company as the first group of interns since they have been in operation.

Everyday, we met in the downtown office and received guidance on how to properly prepare financial statements and advice on how to be successful in the accounting field.

One owner of this company, Gerald Burton, is an alumnus of Xavier who was looking to grow his company. We were able to travel with Burton as he visited several clients and assisted him with audits. When the fall semester began, I was able to work around my school schedule and keep my job with this company.

Going into this internship I was very nervous and anxious because I did not have much experience in the accounting field, and I had not long before changed my major to accounting. Through this internship, I was able to see exactly what it is like to be an accountant, while also learning information that would further help me with the remainder of my courses at Xavier.

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