Instagram is one of the most popular social hubs students use today–and the source of discussions and complaints on Xavier’s campus. Students use Instagram to promote school activities and share academic and personal events and selfies. However, students cannot access their Instagram accounts if they’re using Xavier’s Internet server at all. Students are now asking: Where the heck is my Instagram?

The current issue with Instagram is only one of many complaints students have about Internet access and related technology on campus, especially after this semester’s technology fee increase from $200 to $400.Melva Williams, interim vice president of the Office of Technology Administration, and Paul Waddell, the OTA network manager, responded to students’ complaints about Instagram access and other connectivity issues.

When asked about Instagram access, Waddell said information is being transmitted, but the information is lost when the Xavier server attempts to make contact with Instagram’s Amazon cloud server, resulting in unloaded pages and feeds.

“AT&T manages our firewall server and said that Instagram is not being blocked. Instagram’s current switch to Amazon Cloud might be the cause of an incompatibility problem with Xavier’s server provider,” Williams said. “We are currently doing tests to see if the data transmission is failing in Amazon Cloud.”

Williams and Waddell said OTA has reached out to Instagram but has not received a response. In result, OTA is considering moving Xavier’s server to Amazon Cloud to mitigate page loading issues.

According to Williams, OTA handles all of the technology needs of the university, from cable TV and telecommunications, to the wired and wireless data networks, including Internet access. They also are responsible for Blackboard, Banner Web, X-card, XULA email services—and everything in between.

“Therefore, you can see our small staff of 22 people has a lot to handle when it comes to the quality and efficiency of technological services at Xavier,” Williams said.

Waddell said the OTA is heavily understaffed, and though they lost one-third of the staff in the budget cuts two years ago, everyone still wants the same quality and speed of work.

“You can’t have a Cadillac with a Corolla budget,” Wadell said, and added that OTA asks for continued patience and cooperation.

The OTA has heard students’ complaints and is working diligently to resolve all their problems, Williams said.

“We do not take their cares and concerns lightly. The students are the reason Xavier still exists, and we know on what side our bread is buttered,” Williams said.


The OTA is located on the second floor of the Norman C. Francis science complex in room 204. The Information Technology Center helpdesk can be reached at 504.520.7446 or email

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