St. Mike

St. Michael’s Dormitory, otherwise known as “St. Mike’s,” is located in the heart of the Xavier’s campus and houses male freshmen. Built in 1955, the building was named after St. Michael, and according to Duane Cruz, the residence hall director, “St. Mike was the leader of God’s army that fought against Satan’s forces in the Book of Revelations. During the war in heaven, St. Michael defeated Satan.”

St. Mike’s also housed Freedom Riders during the Civil Rights movement. According to hall supervisor Wilfred Jones, “The surviving Freedom Riders actually came back on campus for the 50th anniversary a year ago to tell their stories. As an African American male, it makes you appreciate history. Back when they told us we couldn’t win, we still persevered through bombs, being belittled, and knocked off course.”                              Freshman resident Caleb Holman said “living in a place where the Freedom Riders stayed makes you feel like you’re actually a part of history.”   St. Mike’s residents’ first impressions varied. Holman said “the outside actually looked nice. I was a little upset when I found out that I have to share a room. I didn’t know that beforehand. It [the rooms] was very plain and small. I did like the lobby though.”

Another freshman, Maurice “Slimm” Warner also gave St. Mike’s a mixed review. “It looks like a jail …bathrooms are horrible. The rooms are okay,” Warner said. “I do like living on the second floor though, because there is a close knit community of males with common goals.”

St. Mike’s can be a growing experience, according to resident assistant Treyvon Merritt, “It plays a major part in the males’ Xavier experience. The guys build bonds at St. Mike’s that they can keep for the rest of their time at Xavier—or life,” Merritt said.

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