Less than 10 minutes from Xavier’s campus, three teenagers shot and killed Domino’s Pizza deliveryman Richard Yeager around midnight on Sept. 22, 2014, New Orleans police say. Yeager was making a delivery in the 2800 block of St. Louis Street in Mid-City when he was shot and his car stolen. According to New Orleans police, two of the alleged three boys were found in Gert Town, which is less than five minutes away from campus.

Days after the murder and carjacking the New Orleans Police Department (NOPD) arrested Rendell Brown, 16 and Shane Hughes, 16. Brown and Hughes are going to be charged as adults for this crime according to NOPD.

Yeager was a driver for the Domino’s at 402 N. Carrollton Ave., where many Xavier students—and faculty and staff—order pizzas for campus events and in-dormitory deliveries.

Robert Tedesco, regional vice president for Domino’s, spoke with The Xavier Herald and lashed out at the alleged killers. Tedesco says, “This was just sick; a cowardly, random act of violence by wannabe thugs”. “The team followed every safety and procedure and (Yeager) did everything in his power to protect himself,” Tedesco added. His main focus right now is “collectively raising awareness in the area.”

The Herald spoke with staff at the Pizza Hut in Mid-City Market, located across North Carrollton Avenue from the Domino’s, and Hungry Howie’s at 7838 Earhart Blvd., which makes deliveries to Xavier’s campus. Management at both pizzerias said they are enforcing more safety rules in the best interest of their employees and customers.

Nicole Lesky, general manager of Pizza Hut, says “If we have a new customer, we have to call and confirm the order before we make the delivery. (Drivers) also have to call when they are outside the customer’s house. We make sure (drivers) know where they are going and that they pay attention to our maps while knowing the ins and outs of that location.”

Melvin Porter, assistant manager of Hungry Howie’s, says “We will be having a safety meeting on Tuesday that will discuss the time change of taking the trash out. After 8 p.m. no one can take the trash out, we’re just going to put it by the door. We’re also getting a magnetic strip so that if someone looks strange we can automatically prevent them from coming in unless we push a button to let them in.”

Porter and Lesky are telling drivers that if they feel unsafe in an area to call the customer before continuing their delivery. If the customer does not answer the phone, the drivers are allowed to turn around.

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