Peer Deans Personify XU

Dear Herald readers,

Each year, the transition from home to college is made easier for our freshmen thanks to Xavier’s peer deans. The peer deans are students who volunteer to assist freshmen as they arrive on campus for a 10-day orientation. While this group’s members change each year, the fundamentals do not. They must apply and go through an interview process with Student Services and consider it an honor to be selected as an unpaid volunteer.

The peer deans have many jobs. On the first day of orientation, peer deans hold signs and stand on the Pine Street bridge, where they cheer the arriving freshmen and their families. It is a wonderful, heartfelt greeting and the new students’ parents and families are very impressed.

Peer deans also help the hundreds of freshmen move into the residence halls. They lug suitcases and boxes and do whatever they can to help the new students. What is really remarkable is they do all of this with a smile and high energy.

Peer deans stationed at the University Center hold the doors and greet everyone. They answer questions, direct countless people to various offices, and do whatever it takes to make this new life easier for the freshmen.

I think of Xavier’s mission statement each year when I see them. They are volunteers who help to create a more just and humane society right here at XU.

Thank you all,

Sister Grace Mary Flickinger, SBS

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