Welcome back to your home away from home, Xavierites. This column, Communication Cues, is a regular feature in The Xavier Herald. I will write about everyday things with a Communications Studies twist.

During the summer you didn’t have to worry about due dates or morning classes and now you are thrown back into the challenging—but rewarding—academic world.

Of course, we are all up for the new challenges of a new semester. Here are some communication tips you will find useful in helping to get back into the school mindset:

  • Go to class! Class is where the teacher basically explains the material. This communicates to the teacher that you are willing to do the little things to see an improvement in your grade. Going to class gives you an opportunity to get your questions answered and to receive thorough examples to help you study.


  • Remember that there is a difference between recognizing and knowing material. This is why studying is crucial. This is an obvious tip, but please study! If you are still not sure if you know the material or if you are just recognizing that you have seen it before, try studying in a group. Getting in these communicative groups will allow you to share helpful tips before the big test.


  • There are so many resources around campus. If you are researching a subject for a paper and cannot find exactly what you’re looking for, Xavier librarians will help you. After doing research and writing your paper, you can visit the Writing Center in St. Joseph Resource Center.

Communicating with these resources will not guarantee you an “A” but it is a start. You also have your professor’s email if you need further help. Make sure you use all the resources you are given.

     COMM CUES is a regular feature sponsored by the Department of Communication Studies that offers insight into the role that communication plays in our lives. Visit http://www.xula.edu/communicationstudies/ for more information.

Ebony Artis is a sophomore Communication Studies major from Mobile, Al.

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