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The most iconic cop movies like Point Break, Bad Boys, and Rush Hour, all had several things in common. The characters were rough and tough. The guns were locked and loaded. The laughs split sides and became cult classics.  But to see the comedy, “Let’s Be Cops”, where two men don’t even plan to wear the badge, I didn’t have the right to remain silent.

The film takes place in Los Angeles as Justin (Damon Wayans Jr.), a struggling game designer, and Ryan (Jake Johnson), an ex-football player face their respective failures in life. Hoping to have some fun at their college reunion, they decide to dress as police officers for the costume party. However, when these two men in uniform are mistaken for the real deal, they soon discover the perks of being police. The duo soon realizes that flashing lights and gold badges call more attention than they would have liked. Now Justin and Ryan must face a heavy conscience and heavy crime as they are forced to face dirty detectives, Russian mobsters, and the crucial need to not get caught themselves.

As a lover of comedy, I recommend this film to anyone who wishes to see a movie that doses out vigilante justice with a smile. The plot is outrageous enough to invoke genuine laughs while being serious enough to hold the film together. With dare devil stunts, ironic twists, and even an appearance by the popular Keegan-Michael Key, this movie can potentially make the arrest on movie goers everywhere.

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